Monday, April 3, 2017


He was early.....she wasn't home yet....this was their first's always awkward to meet a man who might just have his cock buried in your wife's sweet pussy within the next few's awkward when she's's worse when she's not!!!
Making it worse I had misplaced my plug....I had removed it for my normal date night hygiene....two big soapy quarts....and now I just couldn't remember where I put it....
Between trying to entertain him and search for the missing of the things she insists on checking as soon as she gets home.....I was getting a little frantic!!!!
He asked if I was looking for something....he said he'd be glad to help me search.....what was it that I was looking for....
How do you tell a man that you need to have your plug in your sissy pussy when your wife gets home or she'll spank you till you scream and cry like a little girl???
When he tells you that he knows what you need....when he pulls your plug from his pocket....when he tells you he found it in the bathroom and assumed it was hers.....but now he knew do you thank him?
"No thanks needed," he smiled, "Just pull down your panties and let me put it back in and we'll keep this just between need to tell your wife...."
So that's how you and he awkward situation as you turned and pulled up your he helped you pull down your pretty lacy one of his hands helped to spread you open as the other teased you with just the tip of the plug....pushing it in and pulling it out as he listened to your sissy gasps and groans....before slipping it home....pushing it in and giving it a wiggle as your tight little hole gripped it so tight!!!
Soon she came home and she seemed so happy that you two had gotten along so well....he didn't tell her about it and neither did was nice to have a little secret....

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