Saturday, May 9, 2015

Where You Belong

"Really Sissy, it's where you belong! You know that you've missed it you just have to admit it to yourself!"
"But I want..."
"You want to be my sweet sissy again! You've been running around like a teenaged boy...squirting your cum everywhere...but it hasn't been special has hasn't been what you'd know in your heart that you get the most pleasure from giving pleasure...that's one of the most special things about you...that's what makes you...really makes special girl!"
"I'm not sure....let me think..."
"Sissy I'll put you back in the cage but I won't lock it until you say so!!!"
Her beautiful smile made me think pf all the wonderful times I had made her cum and how I had learned to expect nothing in return....the feeling that I was giving her all that I had to give...the feeling of ecstatic joy if she gave me the slightest pleasure in return...
"Go ahead Sweetheart...go ahead and lock it....everything I have is yours!!!"
Smiling at me she leaned over and kissed me as I heard the lock click shut! I spent the next hour with my tongue inside her, giving her orgasm after orgasm as I felt the familiar sensation of my little clit straining against it's cage!!!
It was wonderful....I was back where I belonged!!!

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  1. Sissy Psychology 101. You described this perfectly.