Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Well Kaaren I hope you and your sissy girlfriends had a fun night but it's time to say goodbye for now. Leeanne's ride is here and Jo's ride should be here any moment  so you pretty girls get your dresses on and get going before I have to paddle some cute little bottoms!
Remember I want to check all those chastity cages to make sure there's been no tampering! Anything out of order and you girls can be sure that all three of you will be punished severely!


  1. I'm sure we were good little sissies. I hope you don't get caught with the master key you bought Kaaren..

  2. I think we should stay huddled together to share body warmth L and K? Its cold in here dont you think?

    1. I'm pretty sure we can all think of lots of ways to warm each other up but cuddling up with a couple of sweet sissies? Count me in!!!!!!!