Saturday, May 10, 2014

His Soft Touch

As my wife looks on I'm kneeling in front of him with his big cock filling my mouth.
My makeup is perfect, she had spent some time helping me and she told me it was beautiful! My long hair dangling past my shoulder, loose from, the usual ponytail, "Ponytails are for girls Sissy and he wants a woman!" she said.
I kept eye contact with him just as she said to do as he slowly pumped his beautiful cock into my mouth!
However it's his hand gently stroking my hair that makes the situation suddenly humiliating. He would never ever stroke a man's hair like that! To him I am a woman! After he left to take my wife all I could think of was him stroking my hair....accepting me as a far I've come!
My sissy clit strains and drips in it's cage but there will be no relief for me tonight!!!

1 comment:

  1. Just that gentle touch and soft stroking would do wonders for my self worth