Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sissy School - Surprises

All week he had been surrounded by young oversexed sissies, flaunting their bodies at the male...and female staff! He had spanked a number of them and each time he felt his desire grow! How could it not? Sweet little bottoms turning pink, then red as the sissy squirmed in his lap....and then there was that Sissy Kaaren! He would swear that she looked forward to being spanked! It was almost as if she allowed herself to be caught disobeying the school rules!
He had heard that this place was where some of the younger teachers went when it all got to be too much...when your hand would just not do! He saw several girls who seemed appealing and then he saw a girl that could take care of him, little plaid skirt and stockings. He could fulfill his fantasies with her and be back at school relaxed, with no one the wiser, by morning!
Decision made he gave her a toot on the horn and as she turned and approached his car he shivered in anticipation! Rolling down his window he was shocked!
"Hi Headmaster!" Sissy Kaaren said reaching in to feel him through his pants, "Fancy meeting you here!"


  1. You look great Kaaren. Already sucking on somethibg sweet I see...

  2. You really need to tell us how it went with the teacher Kaaren.