Friday, May 16, 2014

Sissy School - The Curve

Kaaren I have to admit you give just about the best blow job I've ever had! You will be an honor student in "Oral Skills" for sure! However the best grade I can give you is a B, maybe I can stretch it to a B+. I'm sorry but I grade you sissies on the curve and your friend Leeanne has thrown it all A+ for her doesn't seem good enough! I hope you understand?
I understood and as I doubled my efforts I was so happy for Leeanne that I couldn't wait to get back to the tell get her to show me her get her to let me practice with her....


  1. I'm sorry Kaaren. I know everyone hates a suck up...

    1. I just need more practice! Let's see if you can block out two or three weeks foe me and I think I might have it by then!!!

  2. I don't see a "curve" in looks pretty "straightforward" to me. ;-)