Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Want You

"I want you so badly!" I said as I held her close, my hands stroking her soft body through her satin lingerie.
"And I want you too Sissy!" she replied, pulling me close to kiss me.
Her lips on mine, her sweet tongue teasing mine, her hands all over me, making me wild with desire, making me moan her name.
Catching my breath I looked into her eyes, I could see lust, but there was more...there was understanding and love there too! There was a lifetime of experience that allowed her to understand me more than anyone. And her soft smile as she met my gaze told me she saw the same in mine!
I slid my hand toward her panties as I felt hers sliding toward mine...I savored the feel of every inch of her nylon covered thigh under my fingertips as I felt hers lightly stroking mine! My excitement built as I slid my hand past her stockings and felt the heat of her thighs, so close, so close...I slipped my hand upward and felt her through her panties, obviously aroused. rubbing her sex through her panties I hear her gasp even as my mouth covers hers in a deep kiss! I feel her throbbing under my hand and I know that this time I'll have her! This time I'll make her cum! This time I'll have ...this time I'll...this time...
I woke up crying in frustration! My wife asked if I'd had a nightmare as she tried to soothe me...
"Not exactly, it was wonderful until it ended to soon!"
"Dreamgirl again? I'm getting jealous." she said, but smiling thank god!
"Yes, but it's just a dream, you know it's you I love."
She smiled and cuddled closer, "It's alright Sissy, go back to sleep and dream all you want. I'll be here when you wake up."

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