Friday, January 24, 2014


They had gone on for hours, or so it seemed. When she finally called me to "clean up" she must have had a dozen or more orgasms judging from what I had heard!
Her sweet pussy was so tender I had to use just the lightest touch as I licked up what her lover left for me. He dressed as I tended to her, Finally she had a small orgasm on my soft probing tongue before pushing me away.
I saw her date to the door...what was his name again...I had forgotten wasn't important to me....I said "Thank you sir on behalf of my wife and myself, get home safe."
He gave a small laugh and left without a word...sometimes it's like that after they cum...they want to remember her but not me, the sissy who sucked him till he was rock hard.
I locked the door and checked the house before going to my Sissy room and changing into a pretty nightie. When I came to her bed she was snoring softly...she's so damned cute...and I noticed she had rolled over onto "my" side of the bed. When I climbed into bed I realized that she had left me lying in the "wet spot" left over from their time together! I listened to her soft sounds as I slowly drifted off to sleep. A happy and content Sissy!

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