Monday, January 13, 2014

He Was Here!

He was here! At my door! He had moved in down the street and all the neighborhood women, and at least one sissy, were having wet dreams about him! And here he was at my door!
I opened the door and caught my breath, he was more beautiful close up! I tried to be discrete but when he cleared his throat I realized I'd been staring!
"Hi, can I help you?" I asked. Oh please please say yes!
"Hi my name is Brian and I just moved in a few doors down and I was wondering if perhaps I could borrow some sugar from you?"
I took the bowl from him and asked him in. As soon as the door shut behind him he grabbed my arm and spun me to him! He took the sugar bowl from my hand as he pulled me closer!
"I've seen you watching me, did you know I was watching you too Sissy?"
He pulled me close and kissed me hard, his tongue dueling with my own. His hands were everywhere at once! I whimpered as he slid my skirt up and slipped his hand into my panties! He slid to his knees as he pulled my little clitty out of my panties and took me into his mouth! Sucking me in to his hot wet mouth! His tongue driving me wild, It wouldn't take long before I shot my sissy cream into his beautiful hot wet sucking mouth....
He cleared his throat..."So can I borrow some sugar, I'll replace it when I get to the market?"
"Oh yes, no problem." I laughed as I caught my breath, "I was just daydreaming for a moment, come with me to the kitchen."

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