Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fluffers Challenge

Kaaren, he's so big! He's going to fill me like never before! How much of him do you think you can take?

Let him slide into your hot mouth Sissy, doesn't he taste good?

I love how that looks, let him into your throat Kaaren, just like we've practiced! 

Get your last licks in Sissy, in a few minutes he'll be pounding my pussy for the rest of the night! You can sleep in your Sissy bedroom tonight and listen if you want but no peeking!

I lay awake most of the night, savoring the flavor but even with her moans and cries I eventually slept! Hopefully he'd stay for breakfast...hopefully he'd BE my breakfast!!!


  1. mmm Make me so hungry

    1. No swallowing for Fluffers! The ultimate rule for a fluffer is "Never finish what you've started"