Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bathroom Humiliation

It was embarrassing when she told you to wash her lovers body so he'd be nice and clean when she fucked him.....
It was really embarrassing when she told you to concentrate around his big cock and different from your little caged clit that it was clear to you that you weren't any kind of man....
The real humiliation came when he turned around....and she smiled and told you to make sure he was really clean spread his cheeks as she leaned in to watch.....


  1. I love when my wife and I take a nice hot bath and she helps me shave completely smooth. Afterwards I love to put on very sexy bra, panties,garter belt, hose and heels and a pretty dress and high heels to show her how much I want to please her. I love being her sissy husband.

  2. Oh my...this is so hot.. and humiliating, indeed! ~s