Friday, October 7, 2016

She Was So Happy

When she came home she was so happy....
"We had dinner at that place know the one Sissy....I can never remember the know the one.....with the Northern Italian....oh what's the name.....Sissy you know the name don't you?"
"Yes that's it Sissy!!!! We had a wonderful meal!!!! And when I excused myself to go to the ladies room after....would you believe me when I tell you he followed me and he fucked me.....right there in the bathroom!!!!!"
"Wow...right there where anyone could come in?"
"Yeah....and I was so turned on I sucked his cock in the cab as we went to his place....and he filled my mouth with his cum.....I couldn't believe he had so much left...."
"It sounds delicious Baby!?
"It was...that's why I asked him to fuck me again before I came home....I wanted you to enjoy him just as much as I did!!!!!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!"
"You're welcome Sissy....enjoy it!"

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