Monday, October 3, 2016

Sissy's Choice

"You can take the key if you want...and masturbate right now....right here.....and then I'll put you back in the cage for 6 months......"
"Or you could have the shoes, the necklace and the nightie and I'll get my strap-on and we can fuck all night!!!!"
"What about the cage......what about that?"
"Well we can worry about that in a couple of months Sissy!!!!"
I loved to see her smile as I slipped the shoe was a perfect fit!!!!


  1. Always fun to give the sissy a choice. Afterwards you can remind her over and over, "Well, it was what YOU wanted."

    1. Isn't that so true. A sissy always will reveal their true self when confronted with a choice

    2. Well I think it was the right choice.....momentary pleasure versus new shoes? I don't even think that's much of a contest!!!!

  2. Ha ha!! What a predicament! :) ~s