Wednesday, August 24, 2016


As Sissy looked in the mirror he wondered.....maybe he should keep this on.....maybe his wife would understand....maybe....but it was such a huge risk.....Sissy sadly decided to change back to his drab male self!!!!!

She wondered how he would react....the small shopping bag held tightly.....those red panties were adorable and he would look so cute in them....and they would go so nicely with that cheerleaders uniform he had hidden in the garage....


  1. There is no question I would keep it on I've always had a thing to be a cute cheerleader wearing a cute short skirt and those cute shoes.
    An outfit like that just makes me melt

    1. It's a funny thing....while I love the cheerleader outfits it's my wife that has a the strongest fantasies about it....I've written about it on my the blogs for "It's her fantasy"
      Thanks very much for the feedback I love to hear from my sweet readers!!!

    2. Your so welcome sissy, I love reading your blog.
      I go between wanting to be a sub sissy and a Dom girl myself