Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Just My Keyholder

My wife's assistant Stacy has been involved in our lives for years! She loves us both and we both love and trust her! When she discovered our lifestyle she took it in stride....she showed interest and slowly my wife let her in on more and more of the intricacies of a life with a sissy cuckold husband!!!
Once she became more comfortable with us my wife allowed her to become a keyholder for my chastity....something she found very amusing at first...but she later came to see the devotion I displayed this way....
But what really caught her attention was when my wife told her about using her strap-on!!!!
When my wife offered her the chance she jumped at it!!!!!
First she watched my wife so she would understand the technique...

....then Stacy needed to get hers wet.....

....and then she found that she loved doing this.....and she has strap-on rights with me whenever she wants....she loves it and we both love it too!!!

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