Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Never Really Worried

I never really worried about our neighbors window allowing a clear view of our deck. After all she was 82 years old and her vision wasn't very good! She had even mentioned the "nice girl" that lived with us to my wife several times.
So I never thought twice about sunbathing in my bikini until I noticed a young mans face in the window peeping out at me!!! Well, I decided, he's already had a good look so there was no use trying to cover up!!!
According to my wife the young man was the neighbors 19 year old grandson and he was staying with her for a few weeks till leaving for college! My wife said I'd obviously have to be a little discrete!
The next day he wasn't in the window at first but after a while I glanced and there he was! I gave him a nice little show as I rubbed my lotion all over myself! Shortly he disappeared.
The next day I didn't see him at all.
The day after I made quite a bit of noise, slamming the deck box closed and clattering some things on the table and sure enough there he was again!!!
I have a feeling the next couple of weeks are going to be fun!!!


  1. Little Tease, :) You are going to drive that kid crazy.

    1. Why yes Sweetie...that's the plan!!!!


  2. Replies
    1. The pink one is nice too...but it's a little....obvious....


  3. Oh my, you'll have to be careful! Reminds of when guy next door had brother stay with him. Brother was in upstairs bedroom. Could not believe my eyes (true story!!!) when i saw him with blinds open, in bra and with dildo, stroking to something on his PC! Never did get to talk to him ~sara