Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bedtime Story

Ever since she has decided that I should be her little girl things have changed....now she climbs into my sissy bed and reads to me before I sleep...
"You see this picture Sissy....that's Carl and he has eight inches and he likes it when I use my mouth to make him cum!!!! Do you want to see more Sissy?"
I always nod as I suck on harder on the little nipple in my mouth....
She turns the page....
"Oh my Sissy....do you remember sucking this cock??? This was Leroy and he has eleven inches...."


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  2. And plastic pants don't want any leaks in bed

  3. Oh my! That story telling by the Wife, and helpless dressed like that! Yes, diaper and plastic pants just make it more humiliating! Hope She doesn't make sissy hump the corner of the bed to try to cum! ~s