Wednesday, March 2, 2016


He felt the pressure of her hand pushing him toward the cock!!!! Her voice telling him that he had to obey her...her whispered commands to "suck his cock!"
He put up what he hoped was a convincing resistance!!!! He was drooling and dying to get that hard cock in his mouth and suck him till he screamed....but he had to let her think she was forcing him to do it!!! Just like he let her think that dressing him in girls clothes was something he didn't want to do!!!
Hopefully soon he could make her think that he didn't want a hard cock fucking him like a little slut!!!!
She wanted what she wanted and if it also happened to be what he wanted, well there was always a way to make everyone happy!
This guy was certainly happy as his lips closed around him and he began sucking him....and now all three of them had what they wanted!!!!

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  1. Mmm, lucky sissy - there's nothing like your first!