Saturday, March 19, 2016

Excuse Me

"Ummm....excuse me wife was sitting here earlier and she left something behind....I was wondering if I might take a look around under your table and see if I can find it!"
The two girls looked at each other and exploded into giggles!
"Why don't you tell us what you're looking for and maybe we can help!!!!"
"I'm looking for a pair of ....."
"What....I couldn't hear you?"
" wife left her panties here....under the table she said....."
"Oh my.....what were you two getting up to!!!! Were you being naughty in the pub?"
"I....umm....I wasn't here....she was here with a friend....."
"Oh really....a girlfriend?"
"No....a man...."
"Your wife was here earlier with a man....and she left her panties under the table....and she sent you to get them that it?"
"Yes! May I please look....she's expecting me back in the car right away.....they're in a hurry to get home!"
"Your wife and her man are in the car now....waiting for go home with them???"
"Yes, please she won't wait much longer....I just need a quick look and I'll leave you alone!"
"What color are they....I'd hate to send you back with the wrong panties?"
"I don't know....I haven't seen them!"
"But her man has?"
"Yes.....please.....please I just need to look....I'll be quick!"
"No you are.....return these to your wife with my complements on having trained you so well!"
 "Thank you Ma'am!"
Rushing back to the car he breathlessly jumped in and handed her the tiny silky panty
"Sissy!!!! You march right back in there....these are pretty but they're not mine!!!! You must have gone to the wrong get back in there and you ask at every table till you find mine! You can take the bus home...." she kissed her lover deeply and passionately, "....we can't wait for you any longer!"
He heard the car drive away as he slowly walked back to the pub.....his humiliation almost complete and his excitement almost off the scale!!!


  1. O! How humiliating!!
    sara ;)

  2. And I thought going shopping, with my wife, for my own panties was humiliating. Mishel

  3. I'm sure they happy couple will remind the sissy about this incident over and over, so the poor wuss can relive the humiliation.