Saturday, March 12, 2016

Going Home

After medical science has thrown all their awesome technology and expertise at my case and after consulting among experts in numerous fields the answer to the mystery of "What Happened to Sissy Kaaren?" seems to be....

"We don't know." I almost started laughing...

"It might have been as simple as a trip and fall....we've ruled out almost everything else."

I'm going to be released later today and I hope to get a post up by tonight....I'm still having that pesky vision problem but it doesn't seem as bad as yesterday!

They scanned my brain every which way and they say they can't find a thing wrong with it....which makes me wonder about the machines.....

Thank you all for your concern and kind words....I love you all!!!



  1. i hope you're okay, hon!! Glad you are going home!
    Best wishes and a big sissy hug,

  2. That is such great news. You should be thrilled that they couldn't find anything, because when they find something it means, more resets, more meds, more doctors visits, and my favorite more co-pays.

    I mentioned in a post to your first announcement that I had to have my prostate removed. That was back in September. Now I have to go see the doctor every two months for "post op tests". Those tests consist of checking my weight, blood pressure, heart beat and pulse, all done by a nurse. Then the doctor comes in and asks me questions about how I feel. DONE, $40 co-pay!!! I don't even want to look at what they're getting from the insurance company???

    Again, be glad they found nothing. Since I had my surgery, I found out it wasn't cancer, I've had to wear a diaper, I can't get an erection, and I don't cum. Also I found out I can't take drugs to get an erection, because they don't work with full prostate removal.

    So again I say be glad they found nothing, and everything's checked out!

    I'm really happy for you! Good luck for a happy recovery!


  3. Dear Kaaren,

    Please be very careful and take good care of yourself love. I would be very sad if anything ever happened to you.



  4. I already replied to the posts on Such a Sissy II, but checked in here as well. I am so happy to see all the love that has been expended to Sissy Kaaren in her time of need.

    I am also so happy that Kaaren's wife took such great care of her, from the moment of discovery through the entire recovery so far. I'm really glad we still have our Sissy Kaaren around!

    Stay off those high heels for a bit sweetie until you get your balance back.

  5. Yay !!!!!!!


  6. Yay !!!!!!!


  7. Rest up, take care of yourself, and know that you are being thought of and sent good wishes.