Saturday, March 19, 2016

One Wish

One night as Sissy lay in her bed quietly crying her room suddenly lit up as bright as day!!! Looking up Sissy was surprised to find she was not alone!!!
"Who.....who are you?"
"I'm your Sissy Fairy Godmother and I heard your cries....what is it Sweet Sissy....what makes you weep so deeply that I heard it in the Fairy Realm?"
Just then his wife's moaning was heard through the wall!!!!
"Your wife is unfaithful is that what it is, I could turn her into a frog if you'd like?"
"No, no....I know all about that and she has my permission to take a lover for as you can see....", Sissy gestured toward his pretty white silk panties, "I'm not much of a man!"
"Then if you two are in agreement....why do you cry so hard....the sound is heartbreaking?"
"Her lover will not allow me to join them....he says I'm worthless as a man and not pretty enough to be a woman!!!"
"I could turn him into a frog if you'd like?"
"No that wouldn't help....I can see the truth in the mirror and her next lover would be the same...and the next and the next...."
Sissy began sobbing deeply and the Fairy moved to comfort her.
"I'll tell you what Sissy dearest, I'm limited in my powers to help you but I can fulfill one wish for you! Please think it over carefully because once the magic is done I cannot change it!"
"You're so kind to me and so beautiful my wish is clear....I want to look just like you....can you do that for me?"
"Are you sure that's what you want Sissy?"
"Yes I'd like to be your identical twin.....I'd love it if no one could tell us apart!"
"Alright Sissy.....close your eyes and count slowly to ten....when the magic is done you'll never see me again!"
"Thank you so much....I'll never forget this!!!"
"I know you won't, now close your eyes my sweet little girl!"
Sissy closed her eyes and began to count and her body tingled as if a thousand tiny fingers were massaging her! When she reached zero she opened her eyes and saw her new self....
How many times over the next few years did Sissy wish she had been more many times did she pray for the Fairy to return....why hadn't she thought of it at the time.....sure she was pretty now.....sure she had the body that she had always wanted.....but these goddamned wings were a real pain in the ass!!!!!


  1. Hahaha. This is briliant kaaren, very funny. So when you say a twin, are we talking... all over;-)

  2. One wish, like O.M.G., where to begin. Love the sorry though.

    Being TS as I a.m.. also on HRT for decades. It's like, someone turned me onto sissy erotic hypnosis like 5 yrs ago, as well as a site called . It's like one can't help but love being my submissive slutty self. As well as have surgeries planned this year for voicsinevoiding, newest surgery n small face lift, with Jeffrey Spiegel in Boston, Massachusetts ththi. But it's like I can't get cock or looking sexy hot for cock out of my mind. Often times find my present career, which I make really nice money. It's like I can't help but feel like I have desires to be more controlled or even owned n be a dirtified whore. Haha.