Thursday, May 28, 2015


He hadn't really been listening while she was talking about magic and spells and relics and all that bullshit! He was focused on getting into her panties! It was all he was thinking of!!!
All the stuff she was asking him....he wasn't really listening.....he just kept agreeing and stroking her thighs and kissing her neck!
When she started mumbling words he didn't understand he thought she was so turned on she was incoherent! When she grabbed his hand and pressed it to the coin she held in hers..well the world just swirled away from him....
When he came to....he was alone...he didn't feel right and a glance in his car mirror showed him why.....
"Oh my god!!!! I'm her!!!!"
After spending some time exploring the body he had desired for so long, he set off to find her....little did he know that the spell she had used was very Dark Magic and was irreversible!
He had always wanted to get into her panties and now he was going to get into them every day!!!!


  1. (to be continued...?) And did she pick that outfit to go with the car?

    1. Probably won't be continued by me Sweetie but if you want to make it into a longer story, feel free!!!