Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blindfolded, Gagged & Caged

I laid there on the floor, totally at her mercy! She told me there would be a guest tonight but I'd have to guess who it was! I felt her toes start to tickle my balls and I was enjoying it so much when I felt another pair of feet join in! I drew in a sharp breath and I heard the small was my sister-in-law!
She didn't like me much....she preferred macho her cheating soon to be ex-husband...but she seemed fascinated by the chastity cage....probably thinking how it could have kept the cheating bastard in line!!!!
I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of their feet rubbing on me when I felt a third pair of feet on me!!!! Oh my god!!! Who could it be?????
I would have asked...but the ball gag muffled my voice....instead I just gave myself over to the pleasure!!!!!

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