Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Little Surprise

Although the office was very casual Bob always wore a shirt and tie. His co-workers used to give him a hard time about it! "Lighten up" they would say, "Relax" they would tell him,  "Just be yourself" they said!
After a short vacation Bob was finally ready to return to work...still wearing his shirt and tie but definitely feeling lighter, relaxed and more himself than ever before!!!

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  1. I went to a Catholic high school, and all the girls had to wear a similar outfit. It was back in the late 60's, and the girls wore white shirts, ties, and pleated, plaid skirts. They used to try their best to make the outfits look sexy, funny thing is now those outfits are sexy!

    They'd wear low cut bras or colored ones under thin white shirts. The nuns would go wild on them, and all us guys were walking around trying to hide our hard ones.

    They also used to roll their skirts up to make them shorter, and to show off a lot of leg. Remember this was the time when the mini skirt was in style, and the uniform skirts were supposed to hang right at the knee. The priests and gym teachers, would make the girls kneel on the floor and if their skirts didn't reach the floor, they got demerits and detention. Again us teenage boys loved it!

    The one thing the girls could get away with, that the nuns and priests didn't know about, was wearing lots of different colored panties. When they walk up the stairs, or sit in certain positions, they flash us so we could see all the pretty colors.

    Finally, for me with my foot fetish, the girls were always slipping their shoes on and off, and I'd get glimpses of nylon covered toes and soles all day long. Is it any wonder I was only a C student??? My mind was rarely on class work!

    I had this one girl in my French class for three years, and the minute she sat down, she slipped her shoes off......... I was in heaven. Today I don't know a word of French!