Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Something New

I had listened to their banter over dinner while I stood by to serve them! She had repeatedly pointed out that she kept her sweet pussy shaved and she wanted him to return the favor! He laughed it off each time but each time she mentioned it she seemed more insistent!
A few minutes after they went to the bedroom she called for me to bring her "shaving kit"!
I brought it to the bedroom where he was sitting on the bed, I placed it on the nightstand, curtseyed and turned to leave..
""where are you going Sissy? My lover has decided to shave his pubic hair for me so if you would please take care of that for him?"
She wanted me to shave him! Somehow this was more humiliating than sucking his cock! It made me feel like a slave to both of them!
He was nervous as I applied the cream and for the first few razor strokes but judging by his cock he was soon enjoying it very much!!! If the truth be was I!!!!

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