Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Stages

They say there are five stages of grief and I think there are five stages to being a submissive sissy cuckold too!

Stage 1: Denial
 "You stay right there Sissy and when the plumber comes you do whatever he says!"
"Hey I'm not some slut to be used to get a discount from the goddamned plumber!!!"
Stage 2: Anger
I can't believe she left me here like this! How would she like it if I tied her up and left her for the plumber!!! It would serve her right!!!!
Stage 3: Bargaining
I know she's only kidding around! She'll come back and I'll give her an orgasm and she'll untie me and the plumber will be just shit out of luck!!!
Stage 4: Depression
But why should she care about a pathetic sissy like me? I mean all I'm good for is sucking cocks and eating pussy!
Stage 5: Acceptance
Well so what! I love sucking cocks! I hope the plumber has a great big monster cock and I'll suck that son of a bitch dry!!! I'm glad she left me here like this! This will be perfect!!!
Is that a knock on the door?
"Come in please! I've been waiting for you!!!"

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