Thursday, April 30, 2015


The other dancers watched as Madame put him through the routine! They were impressed that despite all the humiliations he had endured he still tried his best! They had to admit he did very well and he actually made a pretty good looking ballerina!
They also felt bad because they knew that, no matter how well he danced, Madame would find a reason to give him a sound spanking in front of the class! They felt bad but they also looked forward to watching!!!


  1. I always loved ballet class. My wife has made me take ballet lessons for over 20 years now. I love when the teacher makes me do a routine in the middle of the floor with everyone watching and me in my leotard and tights.

    1. I took dance class in high school for my last two years ...the guidance councilor got me into it after I had been relentlessly bullied in gym by the boys and in some ways by the teacher! She probably saved my life!
      Wherever you are Mrs. Dugan, thank you!!!!
      The girls in dance class were a little mean too, but most of then eventually accepted me!