Saturday, April 25, 2015

He's Not

"So what's your secret, I've never seen your husband being so attentive and helpful?"
"Ever since I locked his little cock in a chastity cage he's been trying to prove to me that I should release him and let him cum!"
"Oh my god! I'd have never guessed! How long has he been..."
"I locked his little thing up two weeks ago today!"
"And he's changed this much in just two weeks! Look at him over there serving drinks and hors-d'oeuvres, I love his darling little apron!"
"If you like that you should see the lacy pink panties he has on now too!!!"
The two ladies dissolved into giggles.
"Oh but you poor dear! With him locked up like that you're not getting"
"No dear you've got it all wrong....he's the one that's not getting any sex...I'm doing just fine!"


  1. How delicious! A perfect Saturday afternoon cocktail.

  2. Just think how this will have progressed after four weeks... or six... or...?