Monday, February 16, 2015

Which Will It Be Kaaren?

"Which will it be Kaaren, the key or my cock? You know what I want but I want to know what you want my sweet Sissy...which do you desire or yours?"
My inner voices screamed at me to take the key! It has been longer than you even thought was possible!!! Take the fucking key! Take the fucking key and cum now!!! God knows when she'll give you the chance again! Don't be an asshole! Take the fucking key!!!!
"Please I'd love to take your cock!"
"I just knew you would sweet Sissy, you're still my special girl!"


  1. Always interesting to give the sissy a tricky choice. "Would you like ten strokes with the crop or twenty with the paddle?" "Do you want to suck my boyfriend and get him hard for me now, or suck him after we've had sex, have to clean him up, and MAYBE get to make him cum?"

    1. I'll take twenty with the paddle please! And how about I get him wet and hard for you before and clean him up after...I like to be thorough!!!