Sunday, February 8, 2015

He Thought He Would Die

He thought he would die from embarrassment!!! He never believed his sister would go through with her threat but when she caught him in her panty drawer again she had really done it!
Now he sat as his sister and his girlfriend tugged at his garters and pulled up his stockings! The bra was tight around his chest! But the worst of it was their almost constant laughter! He had never been more humiliated in his life! But strangely his little cock was rock hard!
His sister tried to ignore it but his girlfriend took notice and when she looked at him she had a funny look in her eyes he had a feeling she was enjoying this and he suddenly wished his sister wasn't here!!!
When his sister left the room to get the dress she was going to make him wear, his girlfriend grabbed his balls and looked him in the eye!
"Later, you're going to be my bitch!"

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