Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday ManCandy

When we put it to the test, ManCandy was preferred over real candy by every one of our test subjects! It wasn't bad for your teeth it was low in sugar and high in protein and it just tastes so darned good that all those taking the test asked for more!!!
ManCandy! The most satisfying thing you can swallow!!!


  1. And why wouldn't it be. Less calories, better for you, tastes just as sweet, and you get hours of enjoyment before it even gets in your mouth! Sissies have to work pretty hard to get the man candy, it's not like you can just open the wrapper, and POG it in your mouth. You have to suck, and lick, and suck and lick, before you can have Man candy.

    1. We work hard but it's a labor we love!!!