Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday ManCandy

He waited patiently as his wife got her hot mouthful of ManCandy and swallowed it down! He tried to hide his disappointment that she had taken it all and not saved some for him, after all it had been a long weekend for him too!
Oh well when she stepped aside he'd have to slide over and see about getting a load of his own, luckily ManCandy is a renewable resource!!!
ManCandy! When there's not enough to share there's always more there!!!


  1. Hello. I just had a new story posted on, SISSY CUCKOLD'S TURNAROUND. It was inspired in part by your wonderful captions and I credited you in the 'Synopsis' section. Hope you'll get a chance to read it and perhaps leave a review there. THANKS.

    1. A delightful story Throne and thank you for calling me an inspiration! I've been called a lot of things over the years and that's one of the nicest ever!!!
      Thanks for sharing it and to anyone reading this right now your next mouse click should be on to read the story yourself!!!!!

    2. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your lovely review on Fictionmania. Much appreciated.