Friday, February 20, 2015

She Makes You

"Sissy I'll be ready in a few minutes, make sure he's nice and hard for me!" she called out as she ran up the stairs! She always got so excited when she had a new lover!!!!
As I stepped toward him he stroked himself.
" wear panties all the time?"
"Yes I do!"
"And you do what she tells you to do?"
"Yes I do!"
"And she makes you suck cocks for her!"
"No she doesn't!"
"But ...I thought...."
"She doesn't make me suck cocks for her....she allows me to suck cocks for her!!! Now if you don't mind...."
Maybe he asked more questions...I don't know...I was busy concentrating on the job at hand!!!!


  1. Mmmm. Yes. There is quite a difference.

  2. I would love to ear those panties while I am sucking his cock!