Sunday, February 22, 2015

Breathe Me In

We were invited to a cocktail party at one of her clients estates! He is one of their biggest accounts and he's pretty damned hot...even I think so!
He and my wife spent the evening chatting and laughing and whispering and she beckoned me over to join them!
"Sissy I'll be staying here tonight!"
"Yes Ma'am, I understand! Do you want me to stay too?"
"No Sissy," she laughed "this is a private party!"
"I see..."
"Oh poor Sissy, you look so sad..." she squirmed a bit and reached under the table and gave me her soaking wet panties!
"You can sleep with my panties tonight Sissy! Just breathe me in all night and when I get home I should have a reward for you!"
"Thank you Ma'am, Have a good night Ma'am!"
After a quick sniff I pocketed the lacy treasure she had given me....

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful!!! So wish I were her Cuck!!! I would treasure those panties forever!!!!