Thursday, May 25, 2017

Taking A Moment

Passing by the bedroom mirror I see myself.....and I stop and ponder my situation....
Dressed as a girl.....regularly put into humiliating circumstances....kept in chastity....on my knees sucking her lovers cocks....licking her clean after....being penetrated by her....and her lovers.....using my tongue to please her while my small clitty strains in its cage....
Is this really the life for me???

Oh hell could this possibly get any better!!!!!!


  1. Very sexy sissy outfit, love to dress with you

    1. I'd love to be dressed femimine

  2. How sad - do you have no intellectual or cultural life at all? I'm all for the sexual fun - but as the be-all and end-all of your existance - well... just how sad.

    1. My my Naomi, considering that no one, not even me, can have sex 24/7 you seem to have reached the conclusion that I have no other interests!
      Would you like me to post about the books I'm reading....currently I'm in the middle of book 2 of Shelby Foote's wonderful history of The Civil War....masterful story telling revealing the horrors of the time!
      Would you like me to post about going to the Theater...We live close enough that a trip to Broadway isn't that rare....just saw "Hamilton" which I felt was over rated!!!
      Would you like me to post about going to fine wife is a foodie and she tracks down all these cuisines from around the world where I'm more of a burgers and pizza kind of gurl!
      Museums....I tend to like the realism that a fine artist can give to an image on canvas and I'm a huge fan of Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School, while my Sweetie likes Modern Art which I'll admit leaves me cold!
      I have posted about traveling which I love to do...and we have an active social life with 99% of the people we know being completely clueless about the kinky sexual side of our relationship!!!
      Add to all of this that I was lucky enough to meet and fall in love with a woman that I still believe is way out of my league....who doesn't allow me to indulge my dozens of fetishes but actively participates as my partner in all of them!
      If you still think that's wonders what you consider happiness!


  3. I would love to wear that outfit when I serve my wife's friends.

  4. Kaaren, I love your retort! And interests! :)
    This pic is wonderful, too...
    i am lucky too with my Wife... hug, ~sara