Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Looked Away

When she brought me front of my pretty lingerie....with my face made-up...with my little clit caged....I wanted to shrink disappear....
When she brought us face to face it was almost a blessing when instead of having to look at him, she pressed me down to my knees....
It was become her special take his cock in my suck his cock while she watched.....I knew I could do this.....I had done this a thousand times in my fantasies....but even though I was about to taste this man in the most intimate way possible I still couldn't look him in the eye....
Honestly I don't think he wanted to have eye contact with me either.....
It really didn't matter....I wasn't sucking his cock for him......
She was furiously playing with her clit as she watched.....
"Suck that cock Baby....make him my girl......"


  1. "Suck that cock Baby....make him my girl......"

    Oh, yes . . . my pleasure, ma'am!

    1. Thanks Sally, I always appreciate your comments!
      For those who don't know, my friend Sally is the creator of the wonderful "Bending The Bookshelf" blog where she reviews and recommends TG/TS/TV literature!!!
      It's a wonderful service that she provides and she has turned me on to lots of hot reads!!!
      The link is but you'll probably have to cut and paste's well worth your time....highly recommended!!!

  2. What a cute smooth sissy. Love that flat chest.

  3. It is so difficult to admit but it is my fantasy and it makes my little dick hard to look at this post