Monday, May 15, 2017

Going To Be Traveling

My wife and I are going to be traveling for the next couple of days.....I won't say exactly where we're going but I will say that if you keep your eyes open on the roads in Southern Pennsylvania you might just see a sissy at the wheel go by!!!
You can be sure my wife will make sure you'll know me if you see me!!!


  1. Have fun. When I travel to Florida I go through Pennsylvania and depending on the weather I sometimes wear shorts with pantyhose or leggins and onetime I wore a leotard all the way to Florida.

    1. Thanks Dan Sweetie....we're going to visit her Mom and she knows about Kaaren so it's always.....interesting.....
      I'm always in panties but my wife wants me to "extra pretty" so I guess there's going to be lots of frills....
      We're leaving in about an hour to get a jump on traffic.....I'm going to post if I can depending on the 'net connections available!
      And Dan....a big kiss for you....thank you so much for all your's really appreciated!!!!

  2. Stop in and say hello if you are near Philadelphia. Where are you two from? What's in Pennsylvania?

    1. Sorry Sweetie but I'm in the southwest and will be heading northeast when we head home.
      We're visiting her mom and we're leaving tomorrow...

  3. in MD but kept my eyes open..
    OH! Saw a gurl riding bike down C&O canal near Washington