Friday, May 5, 2017

In The Stacks

Sissy heard the door open and close...."Who was it?" she wondered....There really wasn't supposed to be anyone here today....she hoped it was Mr Montgomery but she couldn't be sure so she crouched where she was and listened....
Footsteps....but they were muffled...perhaps by the law library filled with thousands of books....but they were definitely coming closer and soon she could hear the distinct clicking of high heels on the hardwood floor!!!!!
Her nerves got the better of her and she dropped the book on Torts she had been studying! Now the footsteps were coming directly toward her!!!!!
" that you Mr. Montgomery!?!?!"
"No Baby it's just me Leeanne!!!! I got your message!!!"
Sissy Kaaren rushed to her.....wanting her so badly...pulling at her blouse and skirt until Leeanne gently pushed her away...."
"I've locked the door Kaaren....There's no one else here except you and me.....I want to take my time and enjoy this....after all none of the other partners know what a little sissy slut our librarian is....and you're the only one who knows what a sissy slut I am...."
Leeanne slowly unbuttoned her creamy white blouse....
"....I think we can make some magic in the stacks....I think we'll be satisfied when we leave here Sweet Girl"

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