Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tell The Truth Billy

"We know all about you Billy....we know you've been sneaking panties out of our drawers and wearing them....what we want to know is do you like mine better?" asked his mother.
"Or mine?" asked his sister.
Slowly they laid back and spread their legs allowing him the view that he craved so much!!!
He wondered how he could could he tell them....he loved them both and he loved the time he spent wearing their panties....but his new girlfriends panties were the best of all....she took them off and put them on him while they were still warm and wet!!!!!


  1. This was not the reaction I received the time my mother and sister walked in on me when I was a little boy. You can read about it here: You may have to cut and paste to read this part of my story. This post of Kaaren's brought this memory back to the forefront of my brain. It was a terrible day in my life.



    1. I know a thing or two about terrible days and I'm so sorry I brought up those bad memories Leeanne!
      The time I got caught is in the next installment of my story if I ever finish it!!!
      I'm sorry Sweetie!
      If I was there I think maybe I could find....some way to make you smile!!!!


    2. I can sympathize, Leanne. It was my mother's reaction that imbued me with such shame and self-hatred for so long. She didn't hit me, but she may as well have - her words hurt enough on their own.

      Having said that, Karen, I love the fantasy and can read this and dream of what *might* have been. :)

    3. It's okay girls. I t just was a memory that flashed back I decided to mention it. You should not feel badly Kaaren. On the other hand, that thing you do? That would not be declined. lol