Thursday, January 7, 2016

Slept Through

 There was a note in the empty bed:
Poor Sissy.
You slept through the best part!!! And when he came on my belly....well you were curled up like a little kitten and I couldn't bear to wake you so I cleaned it up myself!
You looked so tired, my poor little girl....I turned off the alarm clocks and got my own breakfast....I hope you had a nice long sleep....I think you needed it!
No chores today Baby! Take a day off! Pamper yourself! Do your nails or better yet go to the salon and have them done! I only ask that you be home, looking pretty for me when I get home!!!
We can order out for dinner and cuddle on the couch and watch those silly romantic movies you like so much and then I want you to come to bed with me and hold me close like the wonderful husband you are!!!!


  1. That happened to me once. I wasn't expecting my wife home that night so I went to sleep in our bed. My wife came home and her and her BF realized I was in bed. They didn't realize I really wasn't asleep. They crawled in bed very quietly and made love then he left. I never told my wife I was awake through her love making.

    That was the only time I was ever in the same room when she has sex with her BF.

    1. This post is kind of a composite of the several times I've fallen asleep during....
      I get up before dawn and I am on my heels almost all day and if she comes in late I try....but sometimes I'm just exhausted...
      It usually does get me a day off though! And a spanking the day after for all the chores not done!

  2. Oh Kaaren, please tell me you were dreaming of your subbie??? Also when you have a day off, are you allowed relief? If so, you should spend your off days with your subbie crawling around at your feet, and ready to service you the minute you request it!!!

    I'd even take the spanking for you!