Saturday, January 2, 2016

All The Way - Sissy Training

After several weeks of intense oral training Sissy should be able to swallow just about any size cock you put in front of her!!! So it's understandable that Mistress might lose patience and have to....force the issue!
Although it may seem too much sometimes a little tough love is what Sissy needs to break through to the next level!!!!
It's for her own good after all!!!!
Make sure that Sissy says "Thank you!" when you're done!!!!!


  1. Sometimes sissies need extra help from Mistress

    1. Don't we all need a little extra push from time to time?
      Happy New Year teri!!!! Thanks for all your support!!!

  2. Once the Mistress "breaks the ice", for the sissy, the sissy will then move on with her life of pleasuring the Mistress by making her proud and happy.