Sunday, February 2, 2014

She Needed Her Privacy

She met a nice man at the wedding we attended this afternoon and when he arrived to meet her I found myself in the hallway again! Stockings and heels, panties and a see-through top was all I was wearing as she pushed me toward the door.
"I can't wait outside like this!!!" I said gesturing to my slutty attire.
"I need a big cock and I need it now Sissy! Put on my coat and stay close by...I'll let you in as soon as he cums!"
As the door closed behind me I realized that her jacket was short enough to show my stocking tops! Even worse I heard the soft "Ding" of the elevator stopping on my floor! Someone was coming!!!
If I interrupted her I'd be punished! She had made a point of showing me THAT hairbrush in her bag!
I turned toward the door and tried to become invisible as I heard the footsteps coming toward me. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see a stunning black woman!
"Locked out Baby?" she asked.
I just nodded, no need for details I thought.
"That's okay baby, you can call the front desk from my room."
Without waiting for an answer she took my hand and led me to her room, 5 doors down the hall. Entering she asked for my coat! I shook my head but she just laughed and helped me out of it anyway!
She eyed me up and down, no point in pretending now I thought.
She smiled. "Your boyfriend throw you out honey?"
"My wife actually, she's got company...if you know what I mean..."
"Poor baby, here let me give you something to pass the time until she wants you back!"
She tossed her own coat aside and her big black cock was hard and waiting. I sank to my knees and as I took her into my mouth she gasped!
"Tell your wife I said Thanks Kaaren!"
I never told her my name...maybe this was not as spontaneous as I thought!!!

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