Saturday, February 1, 2014

Someone's Coming

We were staying at a lovely hotel for the weekend, we would be guests at her friends daughters wedding on Saturday afternoon and that left us with no plans for Friday night.
When I looked at the outfit she had laid out for me to wear I complained that I'd look like a hooker!
"Just put it on Sissy, I got it special for you and I want to see you in it!"
With a sigh I slipped on the slutty attire. She pulled my long hair into a high ponytail and did my makeup for me then stepped back to look me over.
"You're right Sissy!" she laughed, "You do look like a hooker!"
She stepped across the room and returned with the small bucket. Handing it to me she said, "I feel like a drink Sissy, go down the hall and get us some ice while I pull some things from the mini-bar."
"I can't go like this, sweetheart please!"
Moments later I was hurrying down the hall trying to move as quietly as I could, listening for any sound! I reached the ice machine undetected and quickly scooped ice into the small bucket.
Hurrying back she was waiting at the door of our room.
"Give me the ice."
I handed her the bucket and as I moved to enter the room she stopped me.
"Count to 300, then knock and I'll let you in!" The door closed in my face.
"Oh my god, honey please, let me in...please someone might catch me like this...please!!!!"
"I don't hear anyone counting!" I heard her laughing.
"One, please honey. two, three, four, please  don't do this, five, six, seven...I think someone's coming, sweetheart please, eight, nine....."


  1. Love the story. Fits perfectly with picture.

    1. We have played the Hotel Game before...not this one in particular but she has left me in some really humiliating spots...but she knows I love it!

  2. Wonderful game, i hope your readers try it.

  3. Love this, and LOVE her outfit! Mine would love to make me wear something like this, especially in a humiliating situation.

  4. OMG sounds like FUN... My Mistress made me get ice once with my collar on, doesn't sound like much, but I guess I am shy...