Friday, April 24, 2020


Yes....sometimes I get caught up in the past....
Our school Librarian in my high school was hot....her presence alone accounted for so many more boys wanting to borrow books that our school was awarded some kind of literacy award!!!!
None of those boys were reading those books.....
She was very strict and no-nonsense about the books in her care and I loved her for that....
I loved books too....
That was why I was so distressed when I lost one of the library books!!!!!
I think I left it on a bus but it didn't matter how or where I lost could I face her and admit my carelessness!!!!
So I never did.....I never went back to the school library after that....I know it was the coward's way out but that was what I was like back then....

Now, living under the new lockdown I was organizing things in the attic and of all things....I found the book I thought I'd a box of my mothers things that was shipped to me after she passed....she must have wanted to read it....there it was after all these years....
It's been more than a few years since I left high school.....but in my mind I picture Miss Zielinski waiting there still.....just as she was then....ready to mete out my punishment for a book that's decades overdue!!!!!
And I can readily picture myself bending over and pulling up my skirt to accept her righteous penalty!!!!!


  1. What a lovely story...thanks for sharing.


    sissy terrie

  2. That is one hefty library fine you'll be paying. Try to 'pay' it without making too much noise though, it is a library! SSSSHHH!!