Thursday, April 23, 2020


He finally gave in to the urge he had fought for so many years!!!!
He slipped on a pair of her panties.....and it felt so shouldn't have such a profound effect....
Just a small bit of silk and lace......but he knew as soon as he felt them....his life had just changed.....
He wasn't sure how she'd react when she saw him like this....with his inner girl breaking through....maybe she would laugh.....maybe she would didn't matter....the girl inside had her foot in the door and she had no intention of going away....she intended to force that door open further and further....
Maybe he should try the matching bra.....but maybe that was going too far....too fast....but he was already reaching for it!!!!!


  1. No turning back. She will see him in the bra and panties eventually. Things will never be the same.


  2. How true. He'll make a "joke" of trying them on in front of her... Then he will joke again... Soon he'll be borrowing all the time, and buying his own. How do I know? kiss, sara