Monday, April 15, 2019

Monday ManCandy

There are a lot of ways to wake up...
Some use an alarm clock or a wake-up call service....or even just the alarm on your phone...
But nothing wakes you faster than a special creamy delivery made directly to your front door....or back door....or both!!!!
You want it....they bring it....and they deliver much as you much as you can take before it's time to get ready to go!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Many delivery options are available!!!!


  1. Whoa, wait a minute. There's front AND back door delivery, and it's all you can eat? I've been calling the wrong boys!

  2. I have never been with two men at once before. One on one I have no problem with, but as experienced as I am, not sure I could handle two, but have sure dreamed about it! Back when Craigslist was still doing personals, I even posted an ad for two men, but then chickened out and removed the

  3. You could do it....the first time wasn't intentional....she had a man fucking her and I had a man fucking me!!!
    Her man finished and stepped away and he was just there....right in front of me.....and maybe it was instinct....or maybe I'm just a horny slut....but i grabbed for him and when he turned around....well there it was and I took him in my mouth while the man inside me slowed to watch the show.....
    It was glorious!!!!
    Never pass up the chance Sweetie!!!! Life's too short!!!!