Saturday, July 22, 2017

Take More

"I can take more Kaaren....I've been doing it since I was thirteen!!!"
"Well I haven't been doing it as long as you have but I still think I can take just as much as you....or maybe more!!!"
"In your dreams Sissy!!!"
"Want to bet?'
"What's the bet Sissy..."
"We use the big double one and we mark the center.....whoever gets their lips past the center first is the winner!"
"And what does the winner get Sissy?"
"Obviously the winner gets to cum....."
"Alright're on...."
When our lips met together at the center mark we forgot all about the stupid bet....and later she enjoyed her orgasm so much....


  1. Nice :)
    Kaaren, i want to thank you for all your great Tumblr posts... i'm tenting my panties from my recent visit! hug, ~sara

    1. Thanks sara....I always love picturing your poor panties struggling to hold you....wish I could give them a hand!!!