Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quiet Night

It was so hot out.....she suggested we go skinny dipping in the pool and I wholeheartedly agreed.....
We played like teenagers....splashing and kissing and touching each was wonderful
Getting out we showered together....we took our time soaping each other....a few tickles led to girly giggles....and after drying each other she suggested that we sleep nude....
We laid down together on the cool crisp sheets and kissed like we did when we were young....
"Do you remember the first time Sissy? You were so embarrassed about the panties you were embarrassed about your little bitty thing...."
"Yes, I remember, and you put it in your mouth...."
"Those were the days Sissy!!!!"
"Yes those were the days....I don't suppose you want to...."
"Good night Sissy...."
"Good night Sweetheart!"

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