Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Do You Mind

"Do you mind Sissy, do you mind that I touch your wife like this.....that I stroke her soft skin....that she shivers and moans at my touch while you kneel and watch?"
"No Sir!"
"I know you say no. but I know you do......watch as I slip my hands over her panties....listen to her moan.....do you mind if I put my fingers inside your wife Sissy?"
"No Sir....if it's what she wants!!!!"
"Well obviously she wants a man Sissy, and you're not much of a man....are you Sissy?"
"No Sir!"
"Well then you just kneel there and watch a man take your wife and please her as only a man can!!!!"
Thank god!!!! I thought he would just talk all night......


  1. Great dialogue. But what really made the point was that 'punchline'.

    1. If you've ever found yourself in this situation you really do want him to just get on with it....any attempted psychological torture may have worked years ago....but now all I want is to see him fuck her and maybe get my taste after...
      Thanks Throne, for all your support!!!