Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So Deep

"Oh my God Sissy.....he's fucking me so deep....his big cock is filling my pussy.....oh god yes.....he's going to make me cum all over his cock hard....oh my God's so good....."
She kept telling me how good it was all the while he was fucking her.....I would be so hard in my panties if not for the cage....
Jealous? Sure I was jealous....I mean she is my wife after all and even though we both agree that this is what we both want, I have to say....yes, sometimes I get jealous!!!
But part of that is that they both get to cum and I don't.....but after....while he rests....and watches....licking them clean is almost as least for me it is....
My jealousy melts away as I put my tongue inside her and taste them both....there's no better cure for jealousy than licking her lovers cum from her well fucked pussy!!!!


  1. That's a powerful caption. And having the sissy under her while she's getting slammed would be fun to explore in detail.

  2. Sometimes, sharing in her bliss and licking up the evidence is the best reward.

  3. Delicia linda,que gostosa,quero chupar e foder gostoso,beijos...